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What is Flexi-schooling?


We have now been offering flexi-schooling for four years, so are very established with the way we organise this provision. We are affiliated with Hollinsclough School in Stafford, the official home of flexi-schooling. We benefit from their advice, guidance and support based on their long standing experience and expertise with a flexi school offer.

Here at Castleton, our offer is based on a three day week, these days are set; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, but we do have children who attend four days each week, and there is an option to attend additional days at request for short periods. For the 'home school' days we record this absence on the register as a code C which is the recommended code that Ofsted like to see being used. 

Families are expected as part of the offer, to keep some records of the learning that takes place on the 'home school' days, and use the guidance on the website for the curriculum areas that need to be addressed on these days. I am happy to work with individual families regarding this approach as each family has their own ideas on how they would like to use their home-school days. 

The school sits in the heart of the Peak District, where we make the most of our beautiful surroundings through use of 'the big outdoors' whenever possible. We provide a huge range of curriculum breadth: forest school, circus skills, dance and an outward bound programme to name but a few. Our preference for curriculum provision is to focus on a creative approach to learning. We have an exceptional adult pupil ratio with only 26 pupils on roll and one pupil in our nursery class. This enables us to focus very much on the individuals and ensure that we can offer a bespoke approach to our pupils varying needs.

If you are within travelling distance of our very special little school and would be interested in further discussion regarding our flexi offer, please do get in touch.

Our Flexi Timetable