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School Meals

Currently we don't have any provision for meals in school. Pupil numbers dictated that buying into the meal service was far from cost effective and it was felt our funding could be used more efficiently for our childrens' learning. Our children all bring a packed lunch and we have a lovely social lunch time around the large table in the bigger classroom. If in the future parents are interested in purchasing hot meals, then we will certainly look into the possibility of buying into the meal service once again.


School Uniform

We have two providers for our school uniform. there are slight differences in what each company offer. Please feel free to make your own decisions regarding this. Uniform is ordered directly from the company, paid for online, and is delivered to your home.


Brigade Clothing -


MyClothing -


Toasty Tuesday

Every Tuesday the children have their own enterprise activity; for 20p each child can buy a piece of toast at break time. We usually ask for £1 at a time to reduce how often we collect the money. The children keep account of the money and it is used as contributions to their chosen charity, and to buy those all important ice creams at the ned of the year on our whole school trip!